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Six-year-old Tennessee boy injured in pedestrian accident

All motorists have a duty to be aware of and to drive safely around pedestrians. These individuals lack the safety protections afforded to motor vehicle drivers, so any impact with a moving vehicle could easily leave a pedestrian with serious injuries. For this reason, it is important that negligent drivers who hit pedestrians are held accountable for their actions not only to make victims whole again, but also to deter such negligent driving from occurring again.

One of these tragic accidents recently occurred in Tennessee, leaving a six-year-old boy injured. Witnesses state that a 52-year-old man struck the boy while he was riding his skateboard. The driver then allegedly stopped his car, checked it for damage, examined the boy then left the scene. Witnesses followed him to a local hotel where police later apprehended him. The driver was subsequently charged with aggravated vehicular assault, leaving the scene of an injurious accident, and other charges. The boy is recovering from nonlife-threatening injuries.

A car wreck like this can leave a victim with life-long pain and suffering. Broken bones, torn ligaments and head and neck injuries are all possible, which in some cases can result in permanent disability. In addition to the physical loss a victim may suffer, he or she may also be emotionally traumatized and financially devastated.

Fortunately, victims can seek to recover damages from a negligent or distracted driver through the civil legal system. Filing a lawsuit may seem daunting, but a local Knoxville attorney may be able to help a victim put forth a strong claim that brings a victim much needed compensation. Winning a case not only means a victim may be awarded money for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering, but it also means that awareness of pedestrian accidents may be raised, keeping others safe from similar harm.

Source: Clarksville Online, "Tennessee Highway Patrol arrests Man after Hit and Run Accident involving Six Year Old Child in Rutherford County," June 9, 2014

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