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August 2014 Archives

We strive to help accident victims recover maximum compensation

Last week we discussed a multi-vehicle accident that left a Tennessee motorcyclist dead. These types of accidents are an unfortunate reality across our state, leaving victims and families emotionally, physically and financially devastated. We at Costner & Greene know how hard it can it be to handle these difficult times, and we want to help you get the compensation you need and deserve while holding accountable those who have left you in an unfavorable position.

Multi-vehicle accident kills Tennessee motorcyclist

Last week on the blog we discussed how, under certain circumstances, it is still possible to file a lawsuit against another driver, even if you are partially at fault. A recent tragic motorcycle crash may help illustrate the point.

Can I still file a lawsuit even if I was partially at fault?

Yes, depending on the circumstances. Very few car accidents are solely the fault of one individual. Therefore, when a car wreck victim files a lawsuit, he or she may also be accused of causing the accident. Therefore, to make the legal system as just as possible, Tennessee has adopted a modified comparative fault system.

How dangerous are Tennessee's teen drivers?

Tennessee parents might be concerned when their children become old enough to drive. However, these kids' parents should not be the only ones who are worried. Though people aged 15 to 24 only make up 14 percent of America's population, they account for 30 percent of motor vehicle injury costs amongst men and 28 percent of those injury costs amongst women. Those most at risk of causing a serious accident are teenagers ages 16 to 19, and the risk factors may be stunning.

Motorcycle crash leaves Tennessee biker dead

The beautiful summer weather in Tennessee coupled with its scenic views makes it perfect for motorcycle riding. This aspect, in addition to the financial advantages, of riding a bike draws many to the activity. Despite how fun, relaxing and cost effectiveness of riding a motorcycle, the unfortunate reality remains that it can be quite dangerous, particularly when Tennessee's motorists experience motorcycle unawareness, which can prove fatal.

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