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Multi-vehicle accident kills Tennessee motorcyclist

Last week on the blog we discussed how, under certain circumstances, it is still possible to file a lawsuit against another driver, even if you are partially at fault. A recent tragic motorcycle crash may help illustrate the point.

A wreck involving four vehicles in Claxton has left a motorcyclist dead. The accident occurred when the car in front of the motorcyclist slowed down for stopped vehicles ahead of it. The motorcyclist was unable to slow down in time, and hit the back of the car in front of him. Then, a truck behind the motorcycle failed to slow down and collided with the back of the bike. This threw the motorcyclist from the bike and into oncoming traffic. A second truck then struck the motorcyclist, killing him. No citations or criminal charges were handed down.

In an instance like this, it may still be possible to succeed on a wrongful death claim. Though the motorcyclist might have been partially at fault by following the vehicle in front of it too closely, it might also be the fault of the truck driving behind him who also failed to stop in time. The important point is to remember that, while a criminal conviction requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt, a civil victory only requires showing negligence and causation by a preponderance of the evidence. This is a much lower standard which might allow many who are injured in an accident to recover much needed compensation.

Winning a lawsuit can be a major victory. Victims and surviving families that have been struggling with medical expenses and lost wages may be able to recoup those losses, and they might find their pain and suffering comforted. Additionally, winning a lawsuit may help stem the tide of motorcycle unawareness and hold negligent drivers accountable for their actions.

Source: Oak Ridge Today, "Motorcyclist dies in four-vehicle crash on Edgemoor Road," John Huotari, Aug. 13, 2014

Source: Oak Ridge Today, "Motorcyclist dies in four-vehicle crash on Edgemoor Road," John Huotari, Aug. 13, 2014

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