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September 2014 Archives

Motorcycle deaths and injuries are far too common

Tennesseans may be thinking that, with cooler weather on the way, most motorcyclists are putting their bikes away. But that isn't true. Many bike riders will take advantage of Fall-like weather up until the bitter end, making use of its relaxing and cost-saving benefits. However, as fun as riding a motorcycle may be, it can also be dangerous when other motorists are inattentive or otherwise negligent behind the wheel.

The prevalence of pedestrian accidents

Knoxville, like any other city, should be pedestrian friendly. However, motorists far too often fail to yield to pedestrians or are simply unaware of their close proximity to the road. When this happens, the results can be tragic. Pedestrians and bicyclists who are hit by moving vehicles can be seriously injured or killed, and the incident can have a ripple effect that damages them and their families for years to come.

What do I need to show to win a wrongful death lawsuit?

As with any other type of lawsuit, certain elements must be satisfactorily shown in order to recover compensation during a wrongful death suit. Each element itself can be a complicated matter, requiring extensive evidence and testimony to settle legal issues. However, this post will hopefully help you better understand the basics of a wrongful death claim so that you can better assess your situation.

The prevalence of drunk driving in Tennessee

Our law firm has devoted itself to helping Tennesseans who have been injured in car accidents. While we spend a lot of time talking about distracted driving accidents and what steps are necessary to recover compensation in such an incident, Knoxville residents should be aware of the prevalence of drunk driving.

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