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The prevalence of pedestrian accidents

Knoxville, like any other city, should be pedestrian friendly. However, motorists far too often fail to yield to pedestrians or are simply unaware of their close proximity to the road. When this happens, the results can be tragic. Pedestrians and bicyclists who are hit by moving vehicles can be seriously injured or killed, and the incident can have a ripple effect that damages them and their families for years to come.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2012 more than 4,700 people were killed in pedestrian accidents. That equates to more than 12 deaths per day, and accounts for 14 percent of all traffic fatalities. Additionally, more than 76,000 pedestrian accident injuries were reported in 2012. That is far too many people who have to cope with the physical pain, lost wages, and emotional suffering that accompanies an accident.

Bicyclists are not safe on the roadways, either. More than 700 individuals were killed in 2012 when their bicycle was struck by a moving vehicle. While 700 might not sound like that many, it is a pretty high number, and it is important to remember that these types of accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. In addition to those tragic fatalities, there were also about 49,000 injuries reported as a result of bicycle/car accidents.

Those hurt in these accidents may need years to recover from their injuries, as they can be extensive and wide-ranging. A pedestrian accident victim may need extensive medical care to help heal and cope with pain and/or disability, he or she may lose wages due to missed work, and the emotional stress caused may be overwhelming. Therefore, it might be in a pedestrian accident victim's best interest to speak with an experienced Knoxville attorney to learn how he or she can fight to recover compensation for his or her losses.

Source: Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, "Pedestrian and Bicycle Crash Statistics," accessed on Sept. 12 2014

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