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How can I be protected from semi-truck accidents?

Tennessee has several Interstates and highways that help connect the country and keep economic activity vibrant. Though these roads are a benefit to our state, they can also be extremely treacherous for motorists. One way these roads are made dangerous is by the presence of semi-trucks. When involved in an accident, these massive vehicles can cause extensive damage and can leave unsuspecting victims seriously injured or dead. So how can Tennesseans avoid truck accidents? Hopefully this post will help answer that question.

There are two types of truck accidents: those caused by truck drivers and those caused by other motorists. We will discuss the latter first. Many times, motorists are unfamiliar with the performance capabilities of large trucks. Therefore, they may overestimate a truck's acceleration and braking abilities. So, to stay as safe as possible around big rigs, Knoxville motorists should be sure to stay out of "No Zones," which are the area where a truck driver has no visibility, primarily beside and immediately behind the truck. Motorists should also avoid quickly changing lanes in front of a truck, misjudging an oncoming semi's speed at an intersection, improperly merging into traffic in front of a truck, failing to slow down for a truck that is trying to merge into traffic.

While these are all good safety tips that can help us all become better defensive drivers, the fact of the matter is that truck drivers often cause truck accidents. Far too often, truck drivers are inadequately trained and subjected to unrealistic schedules. The way truck drivers are paid even encourages them to drive as quickly as possible for as many hours a day as possible. These elements put many Tennessee motorists at risk of harm.

Unfortunately, we cannot always avoid the mistakes of others. In a truck accident context, this means that no matter how defensively one drives, he or she could still be seriously injured in a wreck. When this happens, physical, emotional, and financial harm can occur, making life extremely difficult. The good news is that these victims can find an advocate and ally in an experienced Knoxville attorney. Together, the victim and his or her legal team can wage a war against trucker negligence and fight to recover the compensation the victim deserves.

Source: FindLaw, "Common Causes of Truck Accidents," accessed on Sept. 28, 2014

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