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November 2014 Archives

Can I sue a third-party if injured in a drunk driving accident?

Those who find themselves in a drunk driving accident often suffer serious injuries. Victims can be left physically debilitated, emotionally wrecked, and financially devastated. It can take years, sometimes even decades to recover from these losses. In some instances, victims are never able to fully recover. If you have been hurt in one of these accidents, one way you can help ensure you reach as full a recovery as possible is to try to recover as much compensation as possible from the negligent parties who harmed you. But who are those parties?

Costner & Greene knows how to handle motorcycle crash claims

Last week on the blog we talked about a tragic fatal motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, these types of wrecks are not uncommon. Though not all motorcycle crashes are fatal, many leave victims with serious injuries, including permanent disability. Those who suffer this type of harm may have a hard road ahead of them, fraught with emotional and financial challenges. Fortunately, these victims do not have to maneuver this difficult course alone.

Inattentive driver causes fatal motorcycle crash

Though the weather has started to turn cold, many Tennesseans continue to ride their motorcycles. Whether to get to work, school or social events, riding a bike can be relaxing, fun and cost effective. However, far too many Tennesseans are simply unaware of motorcycles, putting bike riders at extreme risk of injury or death. In a matter of seconds, what should have been a peaceful ride can turn into a nightmare.

Truck driver fatigue is rampant, injures motorists

This blog often discusses truck accidents and the serious harm that can be caused to unsuspecting motorists. These victims can suffer extensive physical injuries, traumatizing emotional turmoil and significant financial loss. In fact, about 5,000 individuals are killed and nearly 150,000 more are injured by these wrecks. While these facts are certainly worth talking about, it is also important to discuss why preventable truck crashes happen and what can be done to stop them.

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