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Hurt by a distracted driver? We may be able to help

As we discussed last week on the blog, distracted driving remains a serious problem plaguing the streets of Knoxville, Tennessee, and America. A driver who is talking on the phone, texting, operating a GPS, eating, or looking for something within the cabin of his or her vehicle can quickly turn a routine drive into a living nightmare. He or she could cross the center line, fail to stop at a stop sign, or fail to brake in time, resulting in a tragic car accident.

Sadly, victims of these wrecks can have their lives turned upside down. They may suffer financial distress as a result of having to find a way to pay for needed medical expenses. This matter can be exacerbated when the victim is unable to work and earn a wage. Victims can also be emotionally devastated, which is often tied to their physical injuries, which could include permanent disability. Though these issues are certainly severe, they can be dealt with effectively and efficiently.

That's where an experienced attorney can step in and provide victims with the assistance they need. The attorneys at Costner & Greene, for example, have ample experience handling car accident cases, and we diligently represent our client's needs. We know how to satisfactorily show if an individual was distracted behind the wheel and how to prove that his or her negligence caused your injuries. In addition, we understand the extensive harm from which a victim could be suffering.

The choice of an attorney is not an easy one. There are many factors to consider when choosing one. Yet, the decision is crucial, as having the right ally on your side could mean the difference between losing a case and winning compensation. Therefore, if you have been hurt in an accident, it might be wise for you to consider speaking with attorneys with whom you feel comfortable. For more information, please visit our Car & Truck Accidents page.

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