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Drunk driving cases need solid legal representation

Last week, our blog post discussed how to recover compensation in a drunk driving lawsuit. In these instances, it is crucial to show that the defendant was intoxicated. Though it may seem like an easy feat, it is, in many cases, no easy task. Therefore, to have a chance to succeed on a legal claim against a drunk driver, and to have a chance to recover the compensation needed to find financial stability, an auto accident victim often must seek the assistance of an experienced, diligent, and skilled attorney.

The attorneys at Costner & Greene pride themselves on their ability to represent their clients' best interests. This means thoroughly assessing every case as each is unique in its own right, staying abreast of the law, utilizing evidence to support their clients' stances, and advocating in the negotiating room and in the court room on their clients' behalf. By delving into police records, witness accounts, expert testimony, the law, and available evidence, these attorneys will be as prepared as possible to show intoxication and negligence.

However, simply showing intoxication and negligence is not enough for a victim to recover compensation. It is also necessary to show compensatory damages. An attorney can be beneficial here as well. Though some damages may be easy to show, like incurred medical expenses and lost wages, it may be more difficult to establish loss of consortium, pain and suffering, lost earning capacity, and future medical expenses. An experienced Knoxville attorney, however, may be able to help you satisfactorily show these losses.

Maneuvering the legal system can be daunting and choosing an attorney can be difficult. Thus, it may be best to do some research to discover which legal team will best represent you and give you the best chance of finding a fair resolution. For more information, please visit our Car & Truck Accidents webpage.

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