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April 2015 Archives

Vehicle speeds and stopping distances

Many factors can contribute to a car crash. A driver may be drunk, using a cellphone, eating, or fatigued while behind the wheel. The presence of any of these factors can spell trouble for other motorists. A drunk driver can swerve into oncoming traffic, a fatigued driver can fall asleep and rear-end the car in front of him, and a texting driver may fail to yield to a pedestrian. However, one of the most common factors related to car accidents is speeding. To get a better grasp of just how dangerous speeding can be, it might be helpful to look at stopping distances given certain speeds.

Young Tennessee man killed in motorcycle crash

A recent motorcycle crash left a young Tennessean dead. According to reports, the 22-year-old was riding on a dirt bike when a 16-year old rider, also on a dirt bike, crossed the center line and struck him head on. Neither rider was wearing a helmet. The 16-year-oldwas airlifted to the hospital and he is now awaiting criminal charges. Authorities say they will perform tests to determine if intoxication played a role in the wreck.

If hurt in a car accident, is a legal settlement right for me?

Accepting a legal settlement is no small thing. In fact, when you agree to a legal settlement you are saying that you promise not to bring a legal claim against the defending party in exchange for compensation. Though this compensation might help cover your medical expenses and lost wages, it also means that you cannot sue them in the future for harms relating to the accident that was settled.

We competently handle motorcycle crash cases

If you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident, then you know just how extensive the resulting injuries can be. As discussed last week, you might suffer from road rash, but you could also suffer broken bones or a head injury, which could leave you permanently disabled. The extent of your harm doesn't end there. Financial losses in the form of medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages can leave you strained, stressed, and fearful for your future.

Road rash and friction burns

As the Tennessee weather warms and more and more motorcyclists take to the streets, riders need to be aware of the risks they could face. Inattentive, speeding, intoxicated, and otherwise negligent and reckless motorists can slam into a motorcycle, causing its rider to suffer serious injuries. Though some of these injuries have previously been discussed on the blog, we wanted to take a moment to discuss one of the most common: road rash.

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