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Road rash and friction burns

As the Tennessee weather warms and more and more motorcyclists take to the streets, riders need to be aware of the risks they could face. Inattentive, speeding, intoxicated, and otherwise negligent and reckless motorists can slam into a motorcycle, causing its rider to suffer serious injuries. Though some of these injuries have previously been discussed on the blog, we wanted to take a moment to discuss one of the most common: road rash.

What is road rash? Technically speaking, road rash is a friction burn. These types of injuries are suffered when an individual's flesh comes into contact with a hard surface, like the road, and is scraped away. The friction of the contact also often leaves the victim with a burn. Road rash is often very painful, as it usually affects a significant area of the skin and can leave an extreme amount of nerve endings exposed. Depending on where the injury occurs, a victim may also be left with excessive bleeding.

Though road rash is treatable, it can cause a victim significant pain and suffering, as well as other damages. Medical expenses may pile up to treat the wounds, and an individual may have to miss work in order to recover. This means that what is otherwise earned income may be lost. All of this, the emotional, financial, and physical damage, can become overwhelming. Fortunately, though, victims can find an ally to help them fight for what they deserve.

In Knoxville, attorneys stand ready to help victims take legal action against those who have wrongfully harmed them. Therefore, if an individual is injured in a motorcycle crash by a negligent driver, a claim may be made in an attempt to recover compensation. Though no outcome can be guaranteed, an attorney can ensure a victim knows his or her legal rights and how best to act on them.

Source: Web MD, "Friction Burn," accessed on March 27, 2015

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