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May 2015 Archives

Knoxville man lucky to avoid serious injuries after accident

Driving requires a motorist's full attention at all times. Even taking one's eyes off the road for a fraction of a second can result in serious consequences. The driver's car may veer into oncoming traffic, be unable to stop when the vehicles in front of it brake or speed through a stop sign or red light. This means that one split second of distraction can cause a devastating car accident that leaves individuals with serious injuries.

Helping truck accident victims with their case for compensation

Last week we discussed the stopping distances needed for a semi-truck to come to a stop and how they can come into play in a truck accident. Unfortunately, the distance needed for a big rig to stop is significant, meaning that other motorists might be put at risk of harm. Making matters worse, these distances can be drastically longer depending on several factors, such as a trucker's lack of attention, intoxication, or a truck's poor maintenance.

Trucks need addition distance to stop

Our last blog post discussed stopping distances for vehicles such as cars and SUVs. Though those statistics regarding stopping distances might be surprising, what is even more surprising is how those numbers increase when one looks at semi-trucks. While a car may only be 12 to 18 feet long and weigh between 3,000 and 4,000 pounds, a big rig might be as long as 65 feet and weight up to 80,000 pounds. This massive increase in size leads to much longer stopping distances.

The dangers posed by increased blood alcohol concentration levels

Alcohol is a contributing factor in many auto accidents. Sadly, every day, intoxicated drivers take to Tennessee's streets, putting other unsuspecting motorists at risk of serious injuries. Those who are harmed in these wrecks often face a long road to recovery. Physical, emotional, and financial harm can take hold after a drunk driving accident, and legal action is often the only way to try to recoup these losses.

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