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The dangers posed by increased blood alcohol concentration levels

Alcohol is a contributing factor in many auto accidents. Sadly, every day, intoxicated drivers take to Tennessee's streets, putting other unsuspecting motorists at risk of serious injuries. Those who are harmed in these wrecks often face a long road to recovery. Physical, emotional, and financial harm can take hold after a drunk driving accident, and legal action is often the only way to try to recoup these losses.

With that in mind, it is also helpful to try to prevent drunk driving in the first place. Therefore, it may be helpful for motorists to be aware of how differing levels of intoxication can affect behavior, reaction time and decision-making.

According to the CDC, a blood alcohol concentration level of just .02 percent can cause a decline in the ability to multi-task, meaning that a driver's attention can be divided. These drivers may also see a decrease in their visual functions. Those who have a BAC of .05 percent often experience trouble steering, coordination difficulties, and delayed reaction times. Drivers who reach the legal limit of .08 percent may have trouble controlling their speed, concentrating, and properly perceiving the road, vehicles, and other objects around them.

As blood alcohol concentration increases, the ability to drive in a safe fashion decreases significantly. Though trying to educate drivers of these dangers is admirable and should be pursued, the tragic reality is that many motorists will still choose to climb behind the wheel while impaired. Therefore, Tennessee residents who suffer injuries in a drunk driving accident should think about speaking with an experienced attorney so they can figure out if a certain legal course of action is right for them.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "Effects of Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)," accessed on May 1, 2015

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