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How could a herniated disk affect me?

If you are a reader of this blog then you may know that the type and severity of injuries suffered in a car accident can vary greatly. Some individuals, like the man discussed last week, walk away with relatively minor injuries. Others, though, suffer debilitating harm, succumbing to permanent disability or, in the worst cases, death. One common type of injury suffered in a car accident is a herniated disk. But what is a herniated disk and how can it affect you?

Between your vertebrae are disks that are meant to protect the vertebrae from rubbing against each other. Though we often think of these disks as being flexible, as we age they actually lose blood flow and become hard. Therefore, if you are in an accident, the material at the inner part of the one-inch diameter disk may protrude through the disk's casing. The membrane may then rupture or tear, causing the disk's inner material to press against nerves or even the spinal cord.

This type of injury can be extremely painful. A victim may experience spasms, limited movement, and pain that radiates to the arm and or legs. Fortunately, there is treatment for herniated disks, but it can take a considerable amount of time to recover from such an injury, and it might be costly.

Therefore, those who suffer serious injuries, like a spine injury, as the result of a car accident may be suffering in more ways than one. Physical pain and suffering and financial losses can take quite a toll, leaving you not knowing where to turn for help. Luckily, there are compassionate, experienced, and dedicated attorneys in Knoxville who stand ready to help you file a legal claim against the negligent driver who harmed you. If you succeed on a claim, then you may recover compensation for your losses, allowing you to receive the medical care you need and deserve.

Source: WebMD, "Understanding Spinal Disk Problems - the Basics," accessed on May 29, 2015

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