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We fight to hold drunk drivers accountable

Last week on the blog we discussed some measures often implemented by local and state governments in an attempt to curtail drunk driving. Though these efforts are valiant, they fall short in keeping Tennessee's motorists safe and do nothing to help those who are struggling to recover from the serious injuries they have suffered at the hands of an intoxicated driver.

Yet, if you have been hurt in a drunk driving accident, then you know the amount of assistance that is needed to not just regain your health, but to financially survive. You may be unable get the medical care you need because you are afraid that you can't afford it, or you did acquire much needed medical attention but now have a mountain of bills. Additionally, you might have been rendered unable to work, disallowing you from collecting the wages you rely on to pay rent, buy groceries, and keep the heat and a/c on. We know victim's need help recovering these damages, and we are here to help.

The attorneys at Costner & Greene have handled a vast amount of drunk driving and auto accident cases. We know what it means to show negligence and causation, and we do everything in our power to satisfy the legal requirements to obtain monetary awards. Though we cannot guarantee any sort of outcome, we utilize our knowledge, skills, and passion about the law to give our clients the honest and competent representation they deserve.

Winning a lawsuit can be boon to your morale, confidence, and physical, emotional, and financial recovery. You should therefore take the legal process seriously, making sure you do your homework to choose an attorney that is right for you. Scheduling an initial consultation is a great first step toward acquiring the information you need to make a fully informed decision that supports your best interests.

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