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July 2015 Archives

Fatal Tennessee car accident leaves one dead, two injured

There are a lot of distractions on the roadways. Billboards, the radio, food, passengers, and cell phones can all take a driver's attention away from the road, potentially putting other motorists at risk. For example, these distractions can cause a motorist to lose control, swerve into oncoming traffic, and cause a head on collision.

Can compensation be recovered for disfigurement?

Car accidents happen every day in Knoxville and throughout Tennessee. Though some of these crashes are minor fender benders where the only damage done is to property, there are other wrecks that leave individuals with serious, sometimes life-threatening injuries. Recovering from these injuries can take time, strength, and a depth of financial resources. As has been discussed on the blog before, those who have suffered harm due to a negligent driver can file a lawsuit against that driver in an attempt to recover compensation for medical expenses. But what about other harm that, though perhaps not physically painful, causes a victim anguish?

How do I know if I have a broken wrist after an accident?

It can happen to anyone. You are driving to work, school or maybe running an errand when you are hit by another vehicle. Maybe that car ran a red light or a stop sign. Maybe it swerved into your lane. Maybe the driver was intoxicated or fell asleep behind the wheel. Though you may be angry that such negligence caused damage to your car, you might also be suffering from excruciating pain.

What can a financial expert do in a wrongful death case?

Those who lose a loved one in a fatal car accident have a lot to contend with. Not only do they have to try to cope with the reality of not being able to see their loved one again, but they also have to find a way to deal with the economic ramifications of the situation. Funeral costs and medical expenses may be overwhelming, and surviving families might find themselves struggling with how to move forward in the face of tough financial burdens.

Fatal truck accident leaves 6 dead

With summer often comes extensive road construction throughout Tennessee and the United States as a whole. Though pivotal in keeping roadways safe, construction zones can also pose a significant hazard to motorists. Sudden drops in speed limits, lane closures, and lane narrowing requires every driver's utmost attention. Those who fail to act accordingly can slam into other vehicles, leaving a wake of devastation.

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