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How do I know if I have a broken wrist after an accident?

It can happen to anyone. You are driving to work, school or maybe running an errand when you are hit by another vehicle. Maybe that car ran a red light or a stop sign. Maybe it swerved into your lane. Maybe the driver was intoxicated or fell asleep behind the wheel. Though you may be angry that such negligence caused damage to your car, you might also be suffering from excruciating pain.

The injuries caused by a car accident can vary widely in type and degree. You might suffer a debilitating head injury, a painful and immobilizing spine injury, or deep and dangerous lacerations. While these types of injuries are certainly common, other, perhaps seemingly minor, injuries can also be seen in many wrecks. Amongst them is the broken wrist or broken hand.

Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to tell if you have broken your hand or wrist, particularly if you did not go to the hospital after your accident. However, certain symptoms may appear if you have broken your hand or wrist. For example, you might experience pain that worsens when you squeeze something such as bruising, deformity in the wrist or fingers and numbness. If you suffer from any of these symptoms, then you should see your doctor as soon as possible.

Though when compared to a head or neck injury a broken wrist seems minor, recovering from such an injury can be painful, lengthy and costly. Depending on the type of break and the extent of damage to the underlying nerves, if any, you may need surgery and rehabilitation. These costs can be overwhelming. But if your harm was caused by a negligent driver, then you can file a lawsuit against him or her in an effort to recoup your losses. If you succeed, then you may be able to reclaim your health and get back to your everyday life.

Source: Mayo Clinic, "Broken wrist/broken hand," accessed on July 10, 2015

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