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What are some effects of a facial fracture?

Readers of this blog are well aware of the dangers posed to motorcyclists when other drivers are inattentive or negligent. Tragically, far too often these motorcyclists are struck and left with a wide range of injuries, some minimal and some severe. Some harms can even be life-threatening. By understanding the types of injuries you might face in a motorcycle accident, you may have a better idea of what to do if you or someone you love suffers such an injury.

This week we will briefly look at facial fractures. A facial fracture occurs when bones in the face and/or head are broken. Suffering from a facial fracture can lead to brain damage depending on severity. Fractures are typically classified based on their location (maxillary along the upper jaw, mandible along the lower jaw, etc.), type (simple, linear, depressed, or comminuted), and whether they are open or closed (i.e. whether the broken bone has pierced the skin).

Symptoms of a facial fracture can vary depending on the particular type of fracture at hand. Nevertheless, fracture symptoms can include headache, swelling, pain, bleeding, leaking of cerebrospinal fluid through the nose, limited mobility in the face, eye problems, hearing loss, and numbness of the face, amongst others. Bleeding in the brain can also occur, which may cause a victim to lose consciousness, vomit, and/or suffer from confusion, seizures and paralysis of the limbs. So, if you or a loved one have been in a motorcycle accident and are experiencing any of these symptoms, then you should seek medical attention immediately.

Motorcycle accidents are a tragic reality across Tennessee, and the harm associated with them can be life-altering, perhaps even life-ending. If you have been injured in a motorcycle wreck, then you may want to consider your legal options. Succeeding on a personal injury legal claim against a negligent driver may mean that you recover the compensation you need to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Source: Mount Sinai Hospital, "Facial Fracture," accessed on Aug. 7 2015

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