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September 2015 Archives

Tennessee field sobriety tests and preponderance of the evidence

Many Tennesseans partake in alcoholic beverages. It could be to celebrate a life or career milestone, to socialize with friends or as a way to unwind after a hard day. Though there is nothing illegal about this, it is illegal to climb behind the wheel when legally intoxicated. Far too often, doing so causes serious drunk driving accidents. Tennessee victims of these accidents might be left with debilitating injuries, and families may lose someone dear to them.

The dangers of red-light running in Tennessee

It has happened to most Tennesseans. We are driving home, running late for work or trying to reach a gathering with friends, when we encounter a green traffic light turning yellow. Some Tennesseans hit the accelerator, in an attempt to beat the red light, while others safely come to a stop. Yet, some try to beat the yellow light and fail, or neglect to see the yellow light to begin with and blow through the intersection. When this happens, other motorists can be significantly injured or killed.

A successful Tennessee lawsuit can help after a truck accident

Last week on this blog, we talked about drug testing as it relates to truckers and how it can help keep Tennessee motorists safe. Unfortunately, there are numerous other issues innocent Tennessee motorists must be concerned with when operating their vehicles near large commercial vehicles. Is the trucker overworked? Fatigued? Sleepy? Drunk? Speeding? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then drivers may find themselves at an increased risk of a truck accident.

Drug testing laws seek to lower Tennessee truck accidents

As has been discussed on this blog many times before, semi-trucks can be extremely dangerous to other Tennessee motorists. A negligent Tennessee trucker who makes even a small mistake can cause a destructive wreck that leaves not only cars destroyed, but lives as well. Truck accident victims may be left with brain damage, permanent disability, extensive pain and suffering and significant financial loss. Some families even lose their loved ones to these crashes. But, what is being done to prevent them from occurring?

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