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Rear-end collision leaves 10 injured

Many of us drive every day. Whether to work, school, or just to run errands, operating a vehicle often becomes a part of our routine. Since it is such a common activity, many individuals may find themselves driving without much thought. This can be dangerous for other motorists. Those who are inattentive behind the wheel may be too slow to react to the situation ahead of them, which could cause a car accident with serious consequences.

This may have been the case in one wreck in Tennessee that left 10 people injured. According to reports, a truck failed to slow down for stopped traffic ahead of it, causing it to rear-end a car. The collision caused a chain reaction whereby those two vehicles struck six others that were stopped at a traffic signal. Authorities say criminal charges are pending against the errant driver.

Criminal charges, though, do nothing to help those who now have to find a way to pay for their medical care and personal property damage. They may even lose income if they are forced to miss work. This is unacceptable, and those who find themselves in this situation should do everything in their power to hold accountable the negligent driver who harmed them.

As easy as that may sound, it can actually be quite difficult. Filing a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent driver may be the best way to try to recover compensation, but legal complications and settlement negotiations may prove difficult. For this reason, Tennesseans who are thinking about filing a lawsuit may want to consider discussing the matter with a qualified attorney.

Source: WATE, "10 injured in chain reaction crash near Foothills Mall in Maryville," Nov. 15, 2015

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