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Fatal car accidents on the rise in 2015

Recently released data shows that the number of car accident fatalities decreased in 2014. The 0.1 percent decrease is significant, especially when taken into consideration with the fact that the fatality rate was at a record low of 1.07 fatalities per every 100 million miles traveled. Though this may sound like promising news, statistics for the first six months of 2015 tell a different story. In that time period, accident deaths increased by more than eight percent over the same time period last year. So, why are fatal accidents increasing?

It is hard to say for sure. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in an attempt to curtail these deaths, has recently launched several safety initiatives. These programs will seek to address issues related to drowsy driving, drunk driving, drugged driving, speeding, pedestrian awareness and seat belt usage. It is hoped that these programs will educate the general public, change behaviors, and keep motorists, their passengers and pedestrians safe. This is critically important as 94 percent of wrecks are attributable to human error.

Though program implementation and federal, state, and local actions to stop dangerous driving are admirable, the truth is that negligent driving will not be brought to a complete halt anytime soon. This means that many families in Tennessee are left struggling to find a way to continue after losing their loved ones. They may face serious emotional and financial struggles that are difficult to overcome, and they may not know where to turn for help.

Those who have lost a loved one to an accident caused by a negligent driver may be able to succeed on a wrongful death lawsuit. Such a case may bring a surviving family much needed compensation to ease their financial burdens, and it might also bring a sense of justice and closure. Therefore, those whose loved one passed in a tragic accident may want to consider speaking with a legal professional about their options.

Source: NHTSA, "Traffic fatalities fall in 2014, but early estimates show 2015 trending higher," accessed on Dec. 4, 2015

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