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Texting and driving still threatens Tennessee motorists

Spring appears to have arrived early in Tennessee, causing many to take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather. However, with a change of seasons comes changes with activities which can give rise to a whole new set of risks. For motorcyclists, this means the risk of being injured or even killed in a motorcycle accident. Fortunately, federal, state and local agencies recognize the dangers of motorcycle wrecks as well as their prevalence, and have initiated action to find a way to curtail them.

One way is to study the prevalence of motorcycle unawareness. This is a task the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has undertaken. During the course of their studies, the NHTSA has found several reasons for motorcycle accidents, and one major factor is lack of awareness. This deficiency is caused by several facts, including that motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles, motorists do not anticipate run-ins with motorcycles, vehicles have blind spots and distractions can take motorists' attention off the roadway.

With that being said, the NHTSA has found that those who ride motorcycles or have loved ones who ride are more likely to have motorcycle awareness when behind the wheel of a car. Therefore, it is believed that individuals can be trained to heighten their motorcycle awareness. The NHTSA thus believes that greater educational efforts will increase awareness and better ensure motorcyclists' safety.

Nobody can dispute that motorcycle awareness needs to be raised, and educational platforms may be a great way to do so but, despite ongoing efforts, many Tennesseans still find themselves and loved ones becoming the victims of motorcycle accidents. When they are feeling overwhelmed by their pain and suffering, medical expenses and lost wages, driver's education means very little to them. This is why a personal injury attorney can be so crucial in helping an injured biker try to recover the compensation he or she needs to ensure a stable future.

Source: NHTSA, "Social Factors: Motorcycle Awareness," accessed on March 11, 2016

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