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Judgment rendered in 2013 motorcycle accident case

Motorcyclists enjoy certain benefits. Many bike riders are able to find relaxation by taking a joy ride, cost savings by riding a more efficient vehicle, readily available parking and fun. Some of these individuals, though, are seriously hurt when negligent drivers cause a motorcycle accident. Tennesseans who suffer injuries in these wrecks can be left with extensive damages, and finding the compensation to cover those losses, not to mention a sense of justice, can be challenging.

Nonetheless, compensation and justice can be found via a personal injury lawsuit. One Knoxville man was able to do that recently, securing a $500,000 judgment against a prominent local attorney who injured him. The judgment comes from a claim stemming from a 2013 motorcycle accident where the attorney's Maserati turned into the motorcyclist's path without signaling, leaving the victim with back and leg injuries. The attorney said that the motorcyclists was in his blind spot, and that the accident was unfortunate.

A negligent driver can take responsibility and take credit for a wreck, but that will not pay newly incurred medical expenses. It does not help a victim recoup his or her lost wages either. This is why taking legal action, when proper, is important. A successful claim not only holds a party accountable for his or her negligent actions, but also may provide significant financial relief.

While a successful personal injury lawsuit can be beneficial, it is not guaranteed. Improperly submitted evidence, ineffectively questioned witnesses and weak legal arguments can lead to a loss. A loss at trial means that a victim will not recover. As such, Tennesseans who want to give themselves the best chance of succeeding under the circumstances should consider speaking with a legal professional of their choice.

Source: WATE ABC 6, "$500K judgment awarded against Isaacs in 2013 accident," April 22, 2016

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