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Awareness and patience key to motorcycle accident prevention

With warm weather here to stay, Tennesseans may find themselves seeing more motorcyclists hitting the roadways. Though most Tennesseans have experience driving in close proximity to motorcyclists, still far too many are unaware of their prevalence and are unable to safely drive while near them. Hopefully, this post will provide some guidance on how to increase awareness and prevent motorcycle accidents.

One important fact to realize is that motorcycles, because of their smaller size, may appear farther away than their actual location. Thus, motorists should be sure to take their time when looking at vehicles in their area to ensure they are accurately gauging speed and distance. This includes when changing lanes and turning into traffic.

Another cause of motorcycle accidents is road rage. Often, drivers think that motorcyclists are showing off or trying to take control of the road. This is not necessarily the case. Instead, a motorcyclist may be positioning in his or her lane to better be seen or to avoid road hazards. Sometimes motorcyclists' turn signals are accidentally left on, so motorists should drive with extra caution to ensure that they know whether a motorcyclist has truly changed lanes, or turned, or not.

By following these tips, car and truck drivers may be able to better prevent injurious, and even fatal, motorcycle wrecks. Yet, the sad reality is that far too many Tennesseans will continue to act negligently around motorcyclists, resulting in crashes.

Those motorcyclists who suffer harm in these accidents, whether in the form of physical and emotional pain and suffering, or financially in the form of medical expenses and lost wages, may be able to recover compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit. And, the first step in that journey is often calling an attorney.

Source:, "Ten Things All Car & Truck Drivers Should Know About Motorcycles," accessed on June 3, 2016

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