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Costner & Greene fights for surviving families of wrongful death

Recently on this blog we discussed the expenses associated with funerals. This is a dark issue that many don't care to think about, yet many Tennesseans are forced to confront the matter well before they are ready. This is particularly true for those who lose a loved one to a fatal car accident. When that wreck is caused by the negligence of another, the victim's surviving family may feel like their loved one was taken well before their time. Their sadness festers into anger, often rightfully so.

After all, as if the emotional toll isn't enough to deal with in these situations, the sudden passing of a loved one can bring significant financial challenges. Sure, funeral costs may come into play, but a lost loved one might also strand a family without what was once much needed income. Medical expenses incurred as a result of the accident and prior to the victim's death can also be burdensome, leaving a family financially crippled for years to come.

As scary as that may sound, though, there might be a way to escape these overwhelming financial losses. By pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit, surviving family members might be able to recover compensation from the negligent driver who caused the accident, which can help cover damages suffered. The process can be highly contentious, however, as many defendants will either refuse to admit their liability or pay the true extent of the families damages.

This is where the power of a competent, experienced and aggressive attorney can be useful. Attorneys, like those at Costner & Greene, who are dedicated to helping those affected by car accidents can help families craft a legal plan that suits their particular needs and the facts at hand. At our firm, we utilize the law, witnesses and evidence to support our legal arguments, which we zealously pursue in an attempt to recover the full extent of harm caused. Experience, passion, dedication and a record of results in these types of cases is important when choosing an attorney, and Tennesseans affected by negligent drivers should keep that in mind when picking a legal team that is right for them.

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