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Government seeks to limit truck speed, reduce truck accidents

There are many ways in which a semi-truck can pose danger to other motorists in Tennessee. A truck may be improperly maintained, a trucker may be fatigued or intoxicated or cargo may be inadequately secured. While these are all major safety concerns, so too are old fashioned traffic violations. Speeding tractor trailers can have difficulty stopping in time to avoid devastating accidents, which is one reason why the government is now trying to take steps to curtail it.

A rule recently proposed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration seeks to mandate the use of speed limiters on trucks. These devices would disallow a truck from traveling faster than a pre-determined speed, such as 60 miles-per-hour. Many regulators believe the measure would save lives by reducing the number of truck accidents and increase efficiency in the industry. Moreover, truckers who already use speed limiters report that there are benefits to speed limiters, including safety benefits and fuel efficiency. They also report that the speed limiters do not seem to affect their productivity. Others, though, are concerned about how the rule will affect older trucks. Many of these individuals also think that the rule, if implemented, would be an impractical intrusion by the government.

The effort to protect motorists from negligent truckers is admirable, and it may have positive effects. However, far too many individuals will continue to be injured and killed in truck accidents. These victims and their families are then left to find a way to pick up the pieces, pay medical expenses and funeral costs, and find a way to make ends meet while they try to recover.

This can be challenging, regardless of the circumstances. However, a personal injury lawsuit may not only help a victim pursue the compensation he or she needs to get back on his or her feet, but it might also shine a light on just how important improved safety measures are for driver safety.

Source:, "US DOT Wants Electronic Devices to Stop Truck From Speeding," Clarissa Hawes, Aug. 26, 2016

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