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A car accident can cause a serious ACL injury

There are a number of injuries a person can suffer in a car accident. Many accident victims in Tennessee have learned the hard way that even comparatively minor injuries can have a profound impact on an individual's health and finances. Broken bones, whiplash and soft tissue injuries require expensive medical attention, and an individual may be unable to work while he or she recovers from the injuries. This can contribute to financial hardship, making it difficult for a victim to pay for medical and other bills.

One injury that can cause a lot of strain on a victim is an ACL tear. "ACL" stands for anterior cruciate ligament, which is one of the most important ligaments in the knee. When the ACL is torn, an individual may experience extreme pain, swelling, loss of range of motion, and an inability to bear weight on the injured knee. Although an individual can recover from an ACL injury, there can be additional risks that come from it. Knee osteoarthritis, where the knee's cartilage wears away leaving bone rubbing on bone, may be more likely.

The damage caused by an ACL injury can take quite a toll. Most victims have trouble getting back to their normal duties, including those at work. Those who suffer this type of harm in a car wreck may want to consider whether they can recover their losses by pursuing a personal injury lawsuit.

If successful, a personal injury lawsuit may result in the recovery of compensation to help cover medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. The injured victim must prove the other driver was primarily at fault in causing the accident, and that the injuries were caused by the accident. An experienced personal injury will know how to gather the necessary evidence and present it in a compelling manner.

Source: Mayo Clinic, "ACL Injury," accessed on Nov. 18, 2016

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