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A traumatic brain injury can cause extensive damages

The injuries suffered in a Tennessee car accident can range widely in type and severity. Some victims are fortunate enough to escape a wreck with minor scrapes and bruises. Others may suffer severe lacerations, broken bones, and muscle and nerve damage. Perhaps one of the most serious injuries that can be suffered in a car accident is traumatic brain injury.

A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, can leave a victim needing long-term care and rehabilitation. Despite treatment, a victim may never regain the same quality of life they had before the accident.

For many of these victims, motor and cognitive skills can be seriously hindered, leaving them unable to work and with a mountain of medical expenses. About half of all individuals who suffer a severe head injury need surgical intervention to remove or repair hematomas or contusions. Finding the funds to cover medical and rehabilitative costs, in addition to lost wages, can be challenging. But when the TBI results from an accident caused by the negligence of another, then legal action may be a proper way to pursue compensation for these damages.

A successful personal injury claim may help a victim recoup not only medical expenses and lost wages, but also pain and suffering damages. For TBI sufferers, these damages can be extensive, as the life they once enjoyed may be gone forever. This is why those who have been hurt in a car accident and suffered a TBI need to think about how best to protect their legal rights. With this in mind, those considering legal action may want to speak with an attorney about how best to proceed.

Source: NIH, "NINDS Traumatic Brain Injury Information Page," accessed on Dec. 16, 2016

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