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Tennessee's drunk driving statistics paint grim picture

With the holiday season in full swing, many Tennesseans are celebrating with parties and other social gatherings. In many instances, alcohol is involved in these get-togethers. Although some individuals are able to responsibly enjoy alcohol, others are not. Sadly, Tennessee has more than its fair share of drunk drivers. These individuals can cause devastating accidents that leave victims with extensive damages that range from the physical to the financial.

So just how prevalent is drunk driving in Tennessee? According to the CDC, approximately 1.1 percent of Tennesseans have admitted to driving after consuming too much alcohol. This compares to 1.9 percent of Americans who admit to drunk driving. While this statistic is startling, so, too, is the number of drunk driving deaths in our state. From 2003 to 2012, nearly 3,500 individuals were killed in these preventable wrecks. The average number of deaths caused by drunk driving for every 100,000 people is higher in Tennessee than in the nation as a whole.

There are multiple laws, public initiatives, and administrative punishments that seek to curtail drunk driving. These efforts may help, but drunk driving is still far too prevalent across our state. And regardless of the efforts put in place to stop drunk driving, it does nothing for those who have already been hurt by the negligence of a drunk driver.

Reclaiming one's life after a devastating car accident can be challenging. Among other problems, many victims find they lack the financial resources needed to pay for their medical expenses, cover their lost wages, and continue their way of life. When this is the case, and the damages were caused by the negligence of another, it may be time for a victim to consider taking legal action.

Source: Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, "Sobering Facts: Drunk Driving in Tennessee," accessed on Dec. 2, 2016

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