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Knoxville lawyers holding negligent truck companies accountable

Last week on the blog we discussed how truck drivers' untreated medical conditions can lead to serious truck accidents that leave victims injured. Sadly, this problem is all too common yet represents a small portion of all truck-related negligence cases. Negligence can take many forms, from intoxicated and sleepy truck drivers, to improperly maintained trucks. If negligence causes injuries, a victim may be able to recover compensation from not only the trucker who caused the accident, but also the truck company for which he or she works.

If you have been hurt in one of these wrecks, then you need to carefully consider all of your legal options. Going up against major truck companies can be scary, as they utilize their resources to aggressively defend themselves, but at Costner & Greene we stand tall to these companies and prevent them from bullying our clients into unfavorable settlements.

Does this mean that some of our clients' cases go to trial? Absolutely. But our experience and trial skills leave us well-suited to present our clients' claims with confidence and competence. We utilize the rules of evidence to our clients' advantage, and we know how to cross-examine the trucking company's witnesses to discredit their testimony.

In the end, though, your legal claim is yours and you can do with it what you wish. That holds true even when you obtain legal representation. If you ultimately decide that you want to take a settlement offer, then you can. But having a strong advocate on your side may help guide you through the process, identify when you are being taken advantage of, and zealously litigate when arguments come to a head. Therefore, choosing legal representation isn't something you should do lightly.

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