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Some of the lesser known wrongful death damages

The severity of a car accident can range from a minor dent, as when a car backs into another, to those that result in fatalities. When death occurs in a tragic wreck, surviving family members can be left utterly devastated. The emotional void left behind can bring on depression and anger, and the financial loss can thrust stress and anxiety onto an unsuspecting family. Although these families may need time to get their affairs in order, many creditors won't wait. They will demand payment, and those who fail to meet their obligations may have their cars, homes, and overall financial well-being placed in jeopardy.

For Tennessee families who have lost a loved one due to the negligence of another, a wrongful death lawsuit may provide the financial relief they need. While many recognize that they may be able to recover compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and funeral costs if they are successful on such a claim, many are unaware that other damages may be recoverable. For example, a surviving family may also be able to recover compensation for a lost loved one's pain and suffering.

Additionally, compensation may still be awarded even if the deceased individual did not work. In these instances, a judge and jury will look at other contributions that were made to the family. If a stay-at-home parent is the subject of a wrongful death claim, then the noneconomic losses may be quite substantial.

Pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit is, in many cases, the best way to find a sense of justice while at the same time pursuing financial stability. Those who want to learn more about how their legal options after a fatal car accident and their rights to damages may want to speak with an experienced attorney.

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