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March 2017 Archives

What are common causes of motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycles are a fun mode of transportation for individuals who enjoy a more unencumbered form of travel then one can experience in a car or truck. Many Tennessee residents use motorcycles as their primary vehicles while others ride motorcycles as a means of relaxing and having a good time. Despite the pleasure that so many people derive from being motorcyclists, though, many accidents occur every year between motorcycles and the bigger vehicles that they encounter on the road.

We represent victims of drunk driving accidents

Last week this Tennessee personal injury legal blog discussed some of the very dangerous effects alcohol can have on a driver's body. Even a small amount of alcohol that does not rise to the legal limit of .08 percent of a person's blood alcohol concentration may impact a driver's ability to safely operate his vehicle. When individuals mix alcohol with driving, the consequences can be devastating.

How alcohol can cause car accidents

In 2015, more than 10,000 individuals lost their lives in drunk driving accidents on American roads, including too many people from Tennessee. Despite efforts by law enforcement officials and educational providers to teach people about the dangers of driving while intoxicated, the practice continues to be a deadly problem. This post will provide information to readers about why drunk driving is so dangerous and how alcohol can affect a driver's ability to operate their vehicle.

Deadly car crashes rose in Tennessee, across country in 2016

The National Safety Council reports that fatal car accidents rose six percent in 2016, with 40,200 people being killed in crashes around the country during the calendar year (a 14 percent increase since 2014's total). 2016 was also the first year since 2007 that deaths totaled more than 40,000.

Tips to help Tennessee motorists avoid motorcycle accidents

February saw its fair share of warm weather this year, prompting many motorcyclists to take to Tennessee's roadways. Spring is just around the corner, meaning that even more bikers are preparing for the riding season. While these motorcyclists need to ensure that their bikes are properly maintained and that they have the skills they need to operate their motorcycles in a safe fashion, other motorists need to ensure that they are aware of the motorcyclists that may be operating near them.

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