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What are common causes of motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycles are a fun mode of transportation for individuals who enjoy a more unencumbered form of travel then one can experience in a car or truck. Many Tennessee residents use motorcycles as their primary vehicles while others ride motorcycles as a means of relaxing and having a good time. Despite the pleasure that so many people derive from being motorcyclists, though, many accidents occur every year between motorcycles and the bigger vehicles that they encounter on the road.

When accidents involving motorcycles happen, the motorcycle drivers and passengers are five times more likely to be hurt than individuals who drivers and passengers in other motor vehicle accidents. Additionally, motorcycle riders are more than 25 times more likely to die when they are involved in crashes than individuals who are involved in crashes when in other types of vehicles.

Even when a motorcycle driver is fully aware of their surroundings an accident can happen due to the carelessness of another driver. Motorcycle accidents often happen when drivers fail to yield to motorcycles that have the right of way. They can also occur when drivers are distracted and fail to look out for the smaller motorcycles that might be in their paths.

While road debris, mechanical issues, and operator error may all also cause motorcycle accidents, other drivers pose a serious threat to those who choose motorcycles as their means of transport. A motorcycle accident with another vehicle can leave a victim with serious injuries and in the worst cases with the motorcycle driver's death. While safe driving is the best way to prevent such accidents, in reality many more motorcycle drivers will become victims when they are involved in vehicle crashes. Litigation based on personal injuries and wrongful deaths can provide victims with compensation when they suffer losses at the hands of other drivers.

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