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May 2017 Archives

Do I need an attorney after my truck accident?

After a collision with a large delivery or commercial truck a victim's first actions should be toward taking care of their injuries and health. Once they have ensured that their medical needs are attended to and that they are on the road to physical recovery they may begin to consider what legal recourse they may have against the party or parties who caused them to suffer harm.

Accidents with bikes and motorcycles can be tragic

Car accidents happen every day in Tennessee and, thanks to advances in vehicle safety in many such situations, the drivers and passengers of the vehicles are able to walk away from their incidents without suffering serious harm. However, when vehicles collide with smaller modes of transportation, such as bicycles and motorcycles, it is not uncommon for the riders of the two-wheeled vessels to suffer injuries upon impact.

Reckless driver causes fatal accident on Interstate 81

A Tennessee man and his adult son are dead after an apparently drunk driver caused a chain reaction accident on Interstate 81. The reckless driver, a 43-year-old woman who has been charged with vehicular homicide and DUI, hit four cars that were stopped on the interstate and caused them to collide with each other. According to Tennessee Highway Patrol two of the involved vehicles caught on fire and a 21-year-old man and his 50-year-old father were killed in the tragic incident.

The drunk driver who caused my crash is in jail. Can I sue them?

Drunk driving accidents are horrific examples of incidents that should be preventable through responsible conduct and the absence of avoidable negligence. However, as too many Tennessee victims can attest, drunk drivers cause a number of vehicle accidents each and every year and those accidents can result in victims' injuries and deaths. In many cases a person who causes a drunk driving accident will face a criminal charge based on DUI and, as a result a victim may not be sure if they also may pursue litigation against the drunk driver for their losses as well.

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