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Accidents with bikes and motorcycles can be tragic

Car accidents happen every day in Tennessee and, thanks to advances in vehicle safety in many such situations, the drivers and passengers of the vehicles are able to walk away from their incidents without suffering serious harm. However, when vehicles collide with smaller modes of transportation, such as bicycles and motorcycles, it is not uncommon for the riders of the two-wheeled vessels to suffer injuries upon impact.

Bicycles and motorcycles fail to provide their riders with the enclosures that cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles offer their drivers and passengers. Without roll bars, air bags and a host of other safety equipment there is little to stop a bicyclist or motorcyclist from falling from their bike and hitting the pavement with force.

The results of a car vs. bicycle or car vs. motorcycle accident can be tragic. When vehicle drivers fail to adequately check for smaller modes of transportation they can easily swerve into them, hit them and cause them to crash. Although bicyclists and motorcyclists can carry some fault for collisions with vehicles it is often the case that vehicle drivers negligently operate into road space that is rightfully occupied by bikes and motorcycles.

When driver negligence or recklessness causes an accident between an automobile and a bicycle or motorcycle the victims of the incident may have rights to sue for compensation for their losses. These losses can include but are not necessarily limited to property damage, medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and others. When a bicyclist or motorcyclist loses their life in an accident with a car or other automobile, the surviving family members of the victim may be able to sue for their losses through wrongful death causes of action.

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