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Personal vehicles have allowed an incredible amount of growth throughout American society. Thanks to the private cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles that Tennessee residents choose to buy and lease individuals are able to travel great distances to hold down jobs, visit their loved ones, take pleasurable trips and engage in other activities once prohibitive by distances.

However, despite the many advantages that personal vehicles have brought to Americans' lives, they have also introduced dangers that can result in catastrophic losses. Vehicles come in many shapes and sizes but hold in common their propensity to be heavy and their capacity to harness power. When driven irresponsibly or without care, personal vehicles can turn into deadly weapons.

Too many people lose their lives each year in accidents with private automobiles. Whether the victims are other motorists, motorcyclists, bicyclists or pedestrians many could have avoided their fates if other individuals on the roads had exercised care and avoided negligent and reckless driving practices.

Injured motor vehicle victims can pursue their losses through personal injury claims in civil court, but victims who perish in car accidents cannot sue on their own. In their place, certain legal claims such as wrongful death exist that give the victims' relatives the power to pursue compensation for the great loss that their loved ones' deaths have left in their lives.

The law firm of Costner & Greene is committed to the compassionate representation of individuals who have had to endure the serious hardship of losing a loved one in a fatal motor vehicle accident. The caring attorneys and staff of the firm are prepared to advocate for victims who have died and for their surviving loved ones' rights to seek justice and compensation. Information related to the firm's personal injury and motor vehicle accident practice areas may be found online through the firm's website.

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