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What to do when accused of fault in a car accident

Lawsuits based on the negligent and reckless acts of others often turn on the facts that existed at the time the accidents occurred. As such, a Tennessee resident who finds themselves embattled in a disagreement with another party over who was at fault for a vehicle collision can easily become frustrated if they cannot convince the other of their errors. In cases such as this car accidents victims can benefit from the support and advocacy of personal injury attorneys who fight for their clients' rights.

Personal injury lawyers can help their clients engage in the legal process of discovery to learn more about what happened during their crashes and what evidence exists to support their claims. There are three types of discovery that individuals usually use during their cases and each can provide opposing parties with needed data and information.

First, a party and their lawyer may use interrogatories to question opposing parties about their memories and recollections about an accidental event. In some cases an interrogatory question may not be fair and during the questioning process a party may raise an objection to the question as it is posed.

Second, a party may ask for documents related to their accident. They may request insurance information, documents related to maintenance or work performed on the vehicle involved in the crash or other paper-based evidence. Just as with interrogatories an opposing party may object to a document request and oppose the release of certain documents to the party that is suing them.

Finally, a party may take depositions of opposing parties and witnesses. Depositions are statements made under oath and individuals can be penalized if they lie or otherwise present false information. Interrogatories, document requests and depositions can all provide victims with the facts they need to prove their car accident cases, and with the help of personal injury attorneys many are able to successfully navigate the sometimes complex world of civil litigation.

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