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Costner & Greene represent drunk driving accident victims

Booze. Sauce. Liquid courage. There are a variety of names that can be used when one discusses alcohol. Adults throughout Tennessee regularly consume alcohol in a responsible manner and make good choices when it comes to driving after imbibing. However, from time to time individuals fail to recognize their levels of intoxication and decide to drive when their drunkenness will prevent them from safely doing so.

Drunk driving often spikes during holidays like the Fourth of July, when people are more likely to be off from work and have the time to attend celebrations away from their homes that may include alcoholic beverages. Their celebratory attitudes and general good cheer may cloud their judgment about their capacities to safely drive, and may result in them causing serious drunk driving accidents when they operate their motor vehicles.

Following this most recent Fourth of July, readers may know of drunk driving accidents that have happened in their communities, or may have unfortunately suffered injuries or losses as a result of drunk driving accidents themselves. These victims should know, though, that their pain and suffering may be legally compensable. In some cases, victims of these preventable motor vehicle accidents can use personal injury and negligence based claims to sue those who caused their injuries in the civil courts of Tennessee.

The attorneys of Costner & Greene hope that all of their blog's readers had a safe and happy Fourth of July holiday. However, they remind their readers that their firm is available to support and represent those among them who may have endured suffering at the hands of irresponsible and potentially drunk drivers. To learn more about the firm and its commitment to supporting victims of drunk driving accidents, readers may visit the attorneys of Costner & Greene through their legal website.

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