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Tennessee father dies in fatal motorcycle accident

Running late happens when people aren't planning on it. Despite their best intentions, they may discover that they are leaving home after they intended to and that they will not be able to make it to their destinations when they need to, without hurrying or finding ways to speed up their travels. When driving, some motorists speed, disobey traffic signs, and use unsafe driving habits to rush through their commutes so that they are not late, or simply because they are distracted by things other than their driving responsibilities.

Engaging in these careless driving behaviors, though, can be very dangerous and can result in damaging vehicle accidents. Not long ago, a father of three was riding on his motorcycle in Nashville when the driver of a pick-up rolled through a stop sign at an intersection and crashed into him. The victim suffered serious injuries, and after a week in the hospital, died as a result of the trauma he suffered in the motorcycle accident.

Investigators determined that the driver of the pick-up truck failed to yield to the motorcyclist, and as a result was responsible for his death. Though the driver may face criminal sanctions for his actions, the grieving family members of the deceased motorcyclist may also choose to pursue civil damages against him to recover for their pain and suffering, the victim's accident-related medical expenses, and other incident-related costs.

More than anything, however, the family members of the victim miss him and wish that they could have more time with him. They have offered impassioned pleas to their community to be aware of motorcyclists on Tennessee roads and to pay attention to their surroundings when operating their motor vehicles. Careful driving is the best way to avoid motorcycle accidents, but for those who become victims of these often preventable incidents, litigation may provide them with the compensation they need to move their lives forward.

Source:, "Family Urges Drivers To Pay Attention After Father Killed In Motorcycle Crash," Matthew Torres, June 25, 2017

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