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Study looks at divorce rates by spousal occupation

The family lawyers at our Maryville office represent people throughout Eastern Tennessee in divorce and related matters. We understand the stress of facing the life changes that come with the end of marriage. Our attorneys provide efficient and effective legal services designed to reach your goals for you and your children. You will guide the legal steps we take on your behalf after we educate you about the range of legal options available to you in your situation and discuss the pros and cons of various strategies with your priorities in mind. 

The intersection of divorce and work life 

Our clients come from many walks of life and a variety of occupations. While every spouse, married couple and family is unique and may defy divorce statistics, a recent study of divorce statistics based on occupation provides interesting information from Flowing Data.

Statistician Nathan Yau analyzed data from the 2015 American Community Survey, a project of the U.S. Census Bureau. He explains that he “calculated the percentage of people who divorced out of those who married at least once” by occupation. The author created interactive charts online for readers to review his findings in detail, but we share here some of his findings. 

Occupational divorce rates around 50 percent or more: 

  • Gaming managers
  • Bartenders
  • Flight attendants
  • Gaming services workers
  • Production workers: Metal and plastic rolling machines
  • Switchboard operators, including answering-service personnel
  • Production workers: Metal and plastic extruding and drawing machines 

Occupational divorce rates under 20 percent: 

  • Actuaries
  • Certain physical scientists
  • Certain medical and life scientists 

According to Yau: 

  • People working in architecture and engineering trend toward lower divorce rates.
  • People in transportation and “material moving” like bus drivers or flight attendants trend toward higher divorce rates.
  • People in jobs with higher salaries trend toward lower divorce rates. 

Seek legal advice 

Whatever the likelihood a Tennessee marriage might end based on occupational statistics, anyone in any job can face potential divorce. If you find yourself in this situation, talk to an experienced divorce attorney as soon as possible to understand the law that applies to your situation and your potential courses of action.







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