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How do you ask for a prenup?

Prenuptial agreements are becoming de rigueur for couples planning to marry. Over 60 percent of family law attorneys in a recent survey said they have had more clients seeking prenups in recent years than previously. This includes younger adults commonly known as "millennials."

One family law attorney advises that prenups are often best discussed while you're in a serious dating relationship with someone, but before you've become engaged. "That way, you can gauge your partner's reaction to one," she says. "If the reaction is to move to the other room, then you know you will need to handle with extra sensitivity."

If you think that this will be a difficult discussion, come prepared. Explain to your partner why you want a prenup. You can say that you've always promised your family you'd have one to protect an inheritance or business, for example. You can give an example of a friend's divorce that got ugly and expensive because there was no prenup in place.

Emphasize that this is a contract you'll create together. It's not meant to protect one person and leave the other out in the cold. In fact, both parties should have their own attorney involved in the process.

If you currently have more assets than your significant other, it's understandable that he or she may think that you're just out to protect yourself. Remind your partner that prenups can protect the spouse who earns or has less money if the marriage ends by providing some financial security.

If your romantic partner is concerned that a prenup is planning for divorce, remind him or her that it can also address what happens when one of you dies. Marriage ends either in divorce or death. The more you have codified at the beginning, the easier it will be when either of those things happens.

If you're having trouble convincing your intended to agree to a prenup, your Tennessee family law attorney can provide some guidance and help explain to him or her that the point of a prenup is to protect and be fair to both parties.

Source: Huffington Post, "How To Bring Up A Prenup Without Sounding Like A Jerk," Brittany Wong, Jan. 19, 2018

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