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May 2018 Archives

Kids of divorce should feel 'at home' with both parents

Kids whose divorcing parents agree to a shared custody arrangement are fortunate because they get to spend time with both of them. However, that usually means moving back and forth between two homes. There are some things that both parents can do to help their kids feel comfortable in both homes -- even if they only spend occasional nights and alternating weekends in one of them.

Why are pedestrian fatality rates increasing?

Although it sometimes seems like people hop in their cars to drive a mile down the street to the grocery store, many people still walk to where they're going -- sometimes with tragic results. Nearly 6,000 pedestrians were killed by vehicles during 2016. That marked a 46 percent increase since 2009.

2 ways to prevent disputes with proper estate planning

When it comes to estate planning in Maryville, it helps if you anticipate every possible issue that could derail your plans. One issue that often gets overlooked is family disputes. You cannot control how your loved ones’ act after you die, but you do have control over how they might react to your estate plans. 

Successful long-distance parenting after divorce is a team effort

If you're the custodial parent of your children and your ex lives some distance away, he or she has to work to maintain a bond with the kids. These days, parents can stay in daily contact with their kids from across the country or the other side of the world via video chatting, email, texting and social media. However, it's essential for the long-distance parent to be consistent in that communication.

Estate planning for a child who is an addict

Many parents throughout Tennessee and the rest of the country have a son or daughter who is struggling with addiction to illegal and/or prescription drugs. Addiction impacts the entire family emotionally and financially. Attorneys are increasingly seeing the conflicts faced by parents of addicts as they draft their estate plans.

What should you do when your ex badmouths you to the kids?

As a divorced parent, you know that speaking negatively about your ex in front of your kids is wrong. Sometimes you may literally have to bite your tongue when your children tell you that Mom or Dad let them stay up late, watch an R-rated movie or have pizza and soda every night during their latest visit.

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