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Has your car accident caused brain damage?

Some car crash injuries are hard to miss. Others can take time to show up, but their potential impact on your life is not any less serious. Car accidents number among top causes of traumatic brain injury. Moderate TBI especially can cause deferred symptoms.

Moderate TBI typically begins with a brief loss of consciousness and mild memory impairment. In the shock and confusion of a car accident scene, these can be easy to overlook, so you may not even end up going to the emergency room.

Watch for warning signs

However, moderate TBI symptoms can begin showing up in the hours, days and even months after the crash. Common signs include fatigue, drowsiness, irritability, nausea, dizziness and lack of focus. Some may experience blurry vision, buzzing in the ears or impaired speech or motion. Some people experience a few of these symptoms, while others have all of these and even more.

If all of this sounds fairly unspecific, that is because the consequences of trauma to the brain can depend greatly on the specific area of the brain that sustains the damage. Further, damage can spread to other areas if there is hemorrhaging or fluid buildup that begins affecting other portions. The brain is an incredibly complex organ that controls myriad functions throughout the body, so the results of damaging any part of it can be hard to predict.

Seek medical help

For this reason, it is highly important to watch out for changes in your mental or physical health in the time following your accident. Even if you would normally brush off something like a headache, if you were in an accident you should take it seriously and get medical attention. While there is no surefire cure for TBI, getting a diagnosis can help you obtain treatments that can significantly improve your life.

Plan for potential long-term consequences

The possibility of TBI is just one reason not to accept a quick settlement offer. Treatments you may need can include medication, as well as various rehabilitative therapies. Even moderate TBI can affect your ability to earn and to function in daily life.

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