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November 2018 Archives

Do grandparents have a right to see their grandkids?

This time of year can be particularly difficult for grandparents when their adult child is divorced and their relationship with their former son-in-law or daughter-in-law is strained or non-existent. In most cases, divorced parents have a right to limit their children's contact with their grandparents or forbid it completely — at least when the kids are in their custody.

The 'estate planning' documents your 18-year-old needs

If you've got a child turning 18 next year, you're likely concerned with things like how you're going to pay for college and how you'll adjust to them being away from home. You're probably not thinking about estate planning for them. That's many decades down the road, right?

3 holiday hazards that cause injuries

The holiday season may be full of gifts and joyful celebrations, but a lot of accidents and injuries can occur during this time of year, too. With a significant amount of people out shopping, driving and consuming alcohol, a lot can go wrong from November through January.

What to consider before accepting the role of estate executor

A loved one has passed away, and you learn that you were named the executor of the estate. Too often, when people craft their estate plans, they never get around to asking the person they choose as their executor if they're willing to fulfill the role. Sometimes, people will agree to the responsibility and then forget all about it until the time comes.

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