3 holiday hazards that cause injuries

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The holiday season may be full of gifts and joyful celebrations, but a lot of accidents and injuries can occur during this time of year, too. With a significant amount of people out shopping, driving and consuming alcohol, a lot can go wrong from November through January.

Make sure holiday safety is a priority for you and your loved ones. Here are some common holiday hazards you should know about so you can stay safe throughout the season.

1. Store hazards

Shopping is an essential task during the holidays. Whether you are going to the grocery store to stock up for a holiday feast or braving the shopping mall during a gift-giving mission, you may encounter some hazards along the way. For example, liquid spills or mopped floors without warning signs can cause you to slip. Loose mats, boxes in aisles and items in walkways may make you trip.

2. Parking lot and sidewalk hazards

Speaking of shopping, you need to use parking lots and sidewalks to get to these retail establishments. The pavement and cement can be slippery due to rain, snow or frost. It is easy to see how a slip-and-fall incident can occur outdoors.

3. Car accidents

There are a lot of vehicles on the road from late December to mid-January. People are hitting the road to visit family members, go on vacation, shop and run errands. Whether you are driving around town or traveling a long distance, you will encounter a lot more drivers. Congested roadways make it more likely for accidents to occur. You should especially watch out for drunk drivers. Some people consume alcohol at holiday parties and decide to drive anyway. Additionally, you may be the victim of road rage by someone who is feeling the stress of the holidays.

While the holiday season can bring harm your way, you can stay safer by being alert and aware of risks.

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