Month: December 2018

You have a say in how expensive your divorce gets

Some unhappy couples "joke" that they only stay together because they're too poor to get divorced. Some couples really believe they can't afford to divorce. All divorces carry some expense, but a divorce doesn't have to deplete your savings. It's up to you and your...

Could mediation be the best option for your divorce?

Under some circumstances, litigation is the only way to handle a divorce. However, mediation is another option that continues to gain in popularity. Here are four advantages of mediation you may want to consider if your marriage is about to end. 1. Keeps emotions in...

Seeking custody when you have a history of alcohol abuse

If you're a parent going through a divorce who has struggled with alcohol, you may fear that your history will impact your custody and visitation rights. It's wise to be concerned -- particularly if your spouse wants to limit your access to your kids and the matter...

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