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March 2019 Archives

Proposed law would change child custody cases in Tennessee

Family law is a lot like some families. It is large, complicated and changes with the times. No one ever gets married or has children expecting to have to fight over them, but emotions and preferences can get stretched if a family has to work out where children live and how they are raised with separate parents.

Tennessee medical center faces lawsuits over medical errors

Unfortunately, it is easy to hurt oneself in modern life, but it is usually easy to get over it as well with patience and care. It can be more difficult with a serious injury, or a pain or disability caused by someone else. From traffic accidents to premises liability issues after a slip and fall, Tennessee has several environments in which someone may be hurt by another person.

How and why do people access family law in Tennessee?

Criminal law in Tennessee covers the state's and cities' response to acts against the law designed to punish the offenders. Civil law often includes private citizens' and organizations' response to another person's acts that cost them money, time or effort. Family law, however, is a broad response to various areas of behavior that affect the people closest to us.

Large estates often need small plans for inheritance

America has entered and left the Age of Stuff. Generations that preceded us relied on their possessions to feed, clothe and house them by making household tasks easier or letting us be more efficient at work. But, in a time when most consumer products are disposable and many electronic devices fulfill multiple needs at once, people are less interested in dealing with their parents' and grandparents' possessions.

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