How and why do people access family law in Tennessee?

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Criminal law in Tennessee covers the state’s and cities’ response to acts against the law designed to punish the offenders. Civil law often includes private citizens’ and organizations’ response to another person’s acts that cost them money, time or effort. Family law, however, is a broad response to various areas of behavior that affect the people closest to us.

What are the specific divisions of family law in Tennessee?

Many of the issues connected to marriage and children are part of family law in the Volunteer State. Requirements of marriage licenses and any violations of these restrictions are family law codes. If a pair of parents are getting separated or divorced, types and amounts of child support are part of family law. Ways to deal with and prevent domestic abuse or assault may be covered by family courts as well.

Do children need to know about family law in Tennessee?

Children cannot petition a court on their own, but many of their interests are covered in family law. Parents of children who may suffer or have suffered domestic assault can get protective orders to keep at-risk people or victims away from attackers. Children requiring parental consent for an abortion or adoption may also visit family court.

Do people need a lawyer in family court?

It is often easier to deal with family law requirements with legal representation. An attorney can forward petitioners’ interests in court documents and proceedings as well as offer advice on how to respond to family law petitions. No one should have to go to family court alone.

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