Tennessee medical center faces lawsuits over medical errors

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Unfortunately, it is easy to hurt oneself in modern life, but it is usually easy to get over it as well with patience and care. It can be more difficult with a serious injury, or a pain or disability caused by someone else. From traffic accidents to premises liability issues after a slip and fall, Tennessee has several environments in which someone may be hurt by another person.

One of the most terrifying risks is a doctor entrusted with medical care who makes a mistake. Although the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) generally calls these errors “never events,” they can happen and they can cause lifetime health issues when they do. The reasons for a serious surgical error can range from a surgeon expecting a different patient to the aggravation of a previous condition.

Wrong-side surgery is one of the more common causes of a surgical error that ends up adjudicated in court. A woman from Tennessee is currently suing a local medical center over a kidney surgery that was performed on the wrong side. The suit claims the surgical mistake caused permanent damage to the patient’s urinary tract and has forced her to rely on dialysis for life to compensate for lowered kidney function.

This is not the first recent lawsuit at the medical center in Nashville. Patients should research the recent records of surgeons and operating rooms before scheduling a procedure. If a person suffers pain or ill health after a surgical error, an attorney can help plan the next moves including filing a suit for financial damages.

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