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April 2019 Archives

Nashville builds center for victims of domestic violence

A lot of violence comes from a place of intimate emotions. A study shows that more than one in three women and more than one in four men have experienced domestic violence in the form of stalking, physical assault or sexual assault from an intimate partner. Tennessee itself has one of the highest rates in the nation of female fatalities at the hands of a partner.

Tennessee may be at the forefront of fighting bad drug ads

Tennessee has accessible laws allowing people to sue others who were responsible for injuries they sustained. This is often straightforward if the victim of an injury can prove negligence or other liability to the satisfaction of a judge or jury. This can be a trickier matter if it takes some connections from the liable party and the injured party.

What laws protect Tennesseans' homes?

The prospect of unmanageable debt is always scary. Some people have lost their life savings and even family fortunes to bad business deals or excessive lifestyles. But Tennesseans should not be afraid of losing their homes in a debt settlement or bankruptcy proceeding, because the Volunteer State is one of several that has homestead laws.

Is estate planning an investment in the future?

Estate planning is a difficult subject to introduce at the table, especially for children. It is natural to wonder how children will handle the estate of parents after their lives or during a time of mental incapacity. It is also important because a good estate plan when someone can make one is an investment for a time when others will have to make decisions.

DUI in a rental car

All it takes is one mistake to get a DUI. Former Colorado Rockies first baseman Todd Helton received a citation for driving while under the influence of alcohol. He received orders to enter a treatment program, which he has complied with. 

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